49+ Smart Kitchen Storage Ideas

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Storage is one of the very important parts in a kitchen design, and cabinets almost always dominate the look of the kitchen. The selection of a proper cabinet design can help you maximize the function of the room, as well as giving a beautiful impression to the kitchen area. Unfortunately, often we are on a budget that we couldn’t afford anything fancy.

But don’t worry, today we will show you some interesting inspirations for kitchen storage design that are easy to apply and affordable.

1. Hidden Closet
Limited space is not an obstacle in having a dream kitchen. The area under the stairs, which is usually unused, can be converted into a minimalist kitchen with a lot of benefits. Not only simple, the manufacturing costs tend to be cheap, considering the space used is not too large. Worth to try!
2. Wood Shelves
If you like to make custom furniture, try to create a kitchen shelves like this. It’s made of wood, a material that is easy to find. You can be creative in assembling it according to the desired shape in a very easy way. This type of wood can also be adjusted with the available budget, since wood has various types ranging from cheap to expensive. Fun, isn’t it?

Margaret Antonette