46+ Awesome Partition Inspirations for Minimalist House

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Although open-concept houses have become a big trend nowadays, sometimes the installation of partitions are still required to better clarify the division of each area in the house. There are different ways to split a room, here are 7 partition ideas that are suitable for minimalist style houses.

Floor to Ceiling Bookshelf
This stylish bookshelf is intended as a room partition. You can vary each level by filling it not only with books but also some other decorative objects. In this living room, the shelf becomes multifunctional: as a partition between the social areas and storage for books.

Wooden Slats Partition
Wood element is dominated this minimalist open-plan kitchen-diner. Therefore, the partition that is used as a separator between this kitchen area and other rooms in the house is in the form of vertical wooden slats screen that rise up to the ceiling. This idea will fits those of you who are the fans of wood material.

Margaret Antonette