45+ Smart Caddies Will Make You Feel More Organized Than Ever

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If you want to spruce up your home and make your living more comfortable, start by getting all your stuff organized. All you need is these beautiful caddies for your living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, kid’s rooms, and so much more. Ahead, you’ll find 25 home must have that are so pretty and useful, you can even get it easily DIYed if you’re a crafty person and would love to have it personalized. Take a look at these cool choices.

Sofa Caddies
We can sure greatly benefit from this sofa caddies. Not only can beautify the look of your sofa, it would be the right place to put your magazines, drinks, gadgets, books, and other stuff. A caddy usually includes a small compartment for storing anything you need to be within reach whenever you sit back and relax on your sofa. This will come in handy to replace a coffee table – why bother getting up to reach that coffee or TV remote, they’re right next to you! If you’re interested to DIY them, usually caddies are made of wood or plywood. You can also use a sheer acrylic to make a more minimalist look.

Margaret Antonette