43+ Inspiring Tricks for Making a Room Look Wider

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How do you make a small room look more spacious? If enlarging the room is not possible, you can try the following tricks. Remember that we can create any impression we want by using visual tricks.

1. The Strategic Niches
Besides using bright colors as a base, installing wall niches can also make the living room look attractive. These niches serve as shelves for ornaments and books. It has special shape that is more interesting than the usual modular shelves. The niches can be made of bricks plus mortar, or you can also make a custom wood shelves for it’s rather difficult to find this kind of shelves on the store.
2. The Stone Wall
A little finishing touches on the wall can also make a small room look spacious. A stone wall is added to this room so that it doesn’t seem empty. You can have it without having to break down the wall and build a new stone wall. Simply attach natural stone or stone-textured tiles on the wall.

Margaret Antonette