40+ Cool Wall Color Inspirations for Every Room in the House

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Wall paint color is an important element in determining the personality of a house. For example, a Scandinavian style is dominated by the colors of white and pastel, a modern apartments are often decorated with bright colors, while classic style usually have a darker nuance with wooden interiors.

As for the children’s rooms, we rarely see them painted in shades of grey, black, or brown. Take a look at these wall paint color ideas!

1. Brown for Staircase Wall
This brown color can convey the elegance and is perfect to give a chic look to the entrance as shown in the picture. Brown is a neutral color that is ideal for this part of the house. To avoid the impression of gloomy, only apply this color to one wall and match it with a contrasting color white.

2. Coral for the Dining Room
Coral is a vibrant color that feels fresh and modern. Adding several layers of light and placing a contrasting white furniture will provide balance and give an elegant look.

Margaret Antonette