36+ Smart Ideas to Decorate Your House with Vintage Chests and Trunks

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Using vintage things as a wonderful decorative accent for your house can make a huge trend, besides, it allows you to create a lot out of nothing – just get a cheap piece at a thrift shop, renovate it, and turn it into a real showstopper! You may already have these vintage piece in your house: trunks or chests. Today we are sharing the ideas to use vintage trunks and chest as a functional decorations for your house. Let’s check out all of these ideas.

Coffee or Console Tables
Not only it looks chic and very eye-catching, a vintage trunk also has a sufficient flat surface and of course you can definitely store some stuff inside. That’s why it’s suitable for coffee table or console table. If you already have one but you feel like it doesn’t fit your interior, you can always renovate it by painting it, using stencil, and adding some detailings. For a more stunning and unique look, you can place a trunk on top of another trunk to get a double height piece. Don’t be afraid to use any vintage trunk even if you think it doesn’t fit the interior, just make it a statement, a contrasting look that will have everybody to take one look at it. A trunk can also perform as a console table, it usually doesn’t have a wide surface so you can place it even in a narrow space.

Margaret Antonette