18+ Amazing Playroom Design Ideas For Kids

When it comes to designing kids’ playrooms, it can be hard to know what kinds of ideas will appeal to kids. That’s why we went ahead and came up with a list of 18 playroom design ideas for kids, using colors, textures, patterns and more. Our goal here was to provide you with a wide variety of great playroom design ideas, so that when you’re looking to update or redesign your kids’ playroom design, you’ll have plenty of options. This post contains ideas for the youngest kids, and the oldest. And whether you’re looking to decorate your entire house with fun and creative playroom design ideas, or just want some fun ideas for your kids’ room, you’ll find plenty of inspiration below.

playroom design ideas

Kids are growing up way too fast! As a mom or dad of young kids, you know the stress of having to provide enough toys and entertainment for them to enjoy without getting bored or overextended. It can be a challenge to keep the playroom stocked with enough cool stuff for kids to love and get excited about, while avoiding the feeling of running out of ideas. So, what are some great ideas to add to your kids’ playroom design ideas? Below are some ideas from the experts, including:

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Baby boy room theme ideas

The baby boy room is no longer a boy’s play area. Baby girls can have just as much fun as boys and be treated like big kids. They should feel that they can climb on everything, hang all sorts of toys out of reach, and still be safe. So many baby boys’ rooms are designed for a child who is too young to be self-sufficient. But what if the nursery didn’t have to be that way? Instead, there are themes that are gender neutral, but still cute. There are themes that are more boyish and masculine, and themes that are more feminine and more girly.

DIY Wall Art ideas

While we’ve seen several DIY wall art projects over the years, some people have made their DIY projects stand out from the rest. For example, many people have used an old piece of wood that they bought at a garage sale or thrift store. This type of DIY project could turn into a beautiful piece of art. One of our favorites is a DIY tree branch wall sculpture, which was created by Jennifer Lee. Another example is a series of DIY wall hangings, which were created by Jessica V. The creator of these types of DIY projects didn’t just use a piece of wood or an old piece of cloth; she used all sorts of items.

Creative shelf decoration ideas

Create a unique display by using old things in new ways. Instead of giving your house a boring face lift, try a new design scheme that gives your home a fresh new look. For example, old wooden crates and crates can be used as a great shelf decoration. Simply, you can use these crates to create a shelf to display all of your items. They add character to your space, and with some imagination, you can transform an old piece into a beautiful shelf decoration.

Creative plastic carpet decoration ideas

We’ve seen the plastic carpet before. It’s a plastic carpet that’s meant to cover your floor to protect it from wear and tear. Plastic carpets don’t make any sound when walked on, they are lightweight and won’t cause injury to kids, and they’re durable. Some plastic carpeting designs include a patterned design, such as a simple square or the popular tiger-striped design. These types of plastic carpets can look really cool and help improve a room’s aesthetic value. There are a lot of ways to decorate your plastic carpet and even if you can’t do the design yourself, there are plenty of places online that sell custom plastic carpets.

Kids room decoration ideas

Before purchasing new furnishings for your child’s room, consider the following tips to ensure that your kids’ space is both safe and comfortable for growing bodies. A toddler or young child’s bedroom must be safe, too, as many accidents happen while playing. It is imperative that the walls are sturdy and can withstand a toddler’s curiosity and strength. It’s also advisable to keep all electrical cords and outlets away from reach. This will prevent any kind of electrical shock, such as being electrocuted. Make sure there is ample light in your child’s room so they can see what they’re doing and playing without straining their eyes. Avoid large pieces of furniture in the child’s room. Smaller pieces, such as a bookshelf, should be used to hold toys and books.

Children’s Bedroom Designs

Many parents who design their children’s bedroom tend to place great emphasis on themes, colors, and styles. They choose a color scheme for the room, along with accent furniture, and then look for matching bedding and curtains to coordinate with it. They also usually choose bedding in matching patterns and colors. These bedding options are often quite expensive, which means that they must be purchased in large quantities to be worthwhile. It’s worth considering all your options for decorating the kids’ bedroom, though. Here are some simple ideas to help you put together a functional, attractive kids’ bedroom that is cheap to purchase.

Kids study room decoration ideas

Here’s a creative solution that works very well. Instead of having kids play video games in the same room where they eat their meals, consider creating a kids’ study room. If you don’t have a spare room, a large closet or a corner in the kitchen is often enough for children to have their own study space. Set up a desk and chair where the child can sit and complete schoolwork, and maybe set up a bookshelf. Have a few fun toys in the room for the children to enjoy during free time. Some kids love to draw, others read books, and some might prefer playing board games.

Functional Ideas For Kids Room Storage

Kids’ rooms aren’t exactly the most functional spaces, so there’s a good chance that storage space is at a premium. However, it doesn’t mean that parents should just go crazy and start piling everything into the room. If you start filling every square inch with furniture and accessories, it won’t be possible to make any kind of organized storage solution for all of the stuff that you store. Keep this in mind when designing a storage solution for kids’ rooms.

Little girl makeup ideas

These tips are all based around my personal experiences and my daughter’s struggles with applying her own makeup (she is 9!). We’ve tried many products, some that worked really well and some that didn’t quite live up to the hype. I’ve found that most brands aren’t very consistent in quality, so even if a product does work, it’s likely to wear off within hours. My favorite lip balm for little girls is LUSH’s Moisturizing Lip Balm for Chapped Lips, because it doesn’t dry out your lips at all and smells divine!

Children’s Playhouse ideas

When I first saw the children’s playhouse, I instantly thought of my children’s room in our house. We had used some of the same materials to create a fun area for kids to play and entertain each other. So, I decided to take inspiration from our home and create a room for my daughter and son to enjoy. We didn’t need a playhouse for my children, but since I love building stuff for my kids, I knew that it would make them happy to have their own playhouse to call their own.

Playroom design Inspiration Ideas

Playrooms are often thought of as children’s play spaces. But they can be anything you like. They could be play rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, or even offices. Regardless of their design, there are several things you can do to make the space feel inviting. Think about what kind of atmosphere you want to cultivate in the room. Does it need to be cozy or fun? Do you need the room to be relaxing or bright?

Playroom design ideas

How many of you have ever wondered why some kids have toys while others have playrooms? Well, playrooms serve a crucial role in childhood development. In the first year or two after birth, the developing child needs to practice moving around, exploring their environment, and learning how to interact with objects. A playroom gives children the opportunity to explore their environment and experiment with the various items they see. As children grow older and gain a better understanding of the world, they need to develop their motor skills and gain better control over their bodies and their environment. Therefore, playrooms help children develop.

Library room ideas

To give you an idea of how important library rooms can be in a business, I’ll share the story of one of our clients, which was one of the first book distributors to take the plunge and implement a library room. They did it because they knew that customers would love being able to browse a large collection of books, including those in multiple languages, with knowledgeable staff members and friendly booksellers available. And since the company decided to use a library room, it was imperative that the room fit their corporate identity and match their overall brand.

Girls Playroom Design ideas

Girls Playroom Designs can be used for many things. In a girls’ room, a girls’ playroom, or even just a plain room that could be used as a girl’s room. The possibilities are endless with these playrooms. They can be used as a safe place for children to play while parents are at work. They can be used as a safe place for children to learn and practice skills. These playrooms can also be used as a home for kids that need more space than their regular rooms afford them. It can be used for arts and crafts projects or as a work station for kids in a classroom setting.


Blackboard wall and toddler reading corner

Here are a few simple tips to make sure your blackboard wall remains kid-friendly. First, keep it clean! When the board is clean, it’s easier for the kids to see the information. And you’ll be more likely to hear their voices and watch their movements when they’re working on it. You can keep the blackboard wall clutter free by using dry erase markers. Dry erase marker doesn’t smear and comes in bright colors that won’t run on the walls.

Kids Bedroom Ideas

Kids bedroom ideas tend to be all about organization and convenience. But they’re also about bringing the kid’s natural surroundings into the bedroom. To create a calm and relaxed space, consider a color palette that is soft and light. Bright colors are always good for a kid’s bedroom because they add life, but they also tend to make the room feel brighter, making it hard for the child to fall asleep. Instead, choose a neutral or subtle hue to provide a soothing backdrop.

Modern Home Office Ideas

To keep up with the demands of running a business, you may need to consider modernizing your home office, or setting it up as an extension of your workspace. There are plenty of modern home office ideas to choose from to help you stay organized and productive at all times. These include adding a study space or even setting up a home office within the home itself. But before you start, you’ll need to be sure you have the room available to add more space to your home, and that you can make it work for you.

Children’s toy shelf decoration ideas

If you have kids, you can’t help but notice that many of their toys are out of place. To solve this problem, there are several solutions available to you. The first one is to put some color on the shelf. Another solution is to add a frame to the shelf that will prevent children from moving the toys. Still another solution is to make shelves that hold toys vertically. Finally, there is no harm in giving toys a theme. If you’re looking for ideas


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In conclusion, you can’t be a good playroom designer without understanding kids’ behavior, interests, and abilities. A playroom is an important part of the home that children grow up in. So, when you are designing a playroom for your child, it should be something they love and enjoy, and be a space that reflects their personality. If you are looking for a safe space, your playroom should be a calm and calming environment. If you’re looking for a space that will engage your child’s curiosity, try to incorporate features that appeal to their interests. With these ideas, you will surely find a perfect playroom for your kid.