41+ Awesome Simple House with Warm Wooden Interior

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Wood is a natural material that can bring warmness to the house. A house with wooden interior has always managed to emphasize the impression of a natural environment in the room.

It is undeniable that the house could become more warm and cozy. Moreover, wood has been a smart choice for decoration and it never goes out of style. Today we are going to show you a simple house that implements the wood material in its interior. Let’s see the beauty of it!

Wood Flooring and Ceiling
This house is quite simple. Everything is visible in one room. There are no clear boundaries separating the living room and the kitchen. However, it still looks beautiful with the brightly colored wooden floor. The floor matches with the windows with wood blinds. As a final touch, wood material is also chosen for the ceiling as a substitute for plasterboard.

Wooden Dining Table
In a house with wooden floor and ceiling, it may feel odd if the dining table is made of other material. This dining table is made of fine wood in a soft light brown color, completed with chairs in the same neutral color that make it look clean and neat.

Wooden Wall
The dining room is adjacent to the kitchen, and only separated by the counter. The cabinet and the counter are matched, and the wooden wall panels make the kitchen more beautiful. Not only great for decoration, this wooden wall can be a place to hang your favorite kitchen tools.

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Margaret Antonette